All Spectranet Data Plans 2023 (Price List)

In today’s world, data is arguably one of the major driving forces of day to day living and virtually the backbone of all business and leisure activities. Ranging from securing business deals, to connecting with family and friends online to pursuing passion and getting abreast of virtually everything happening all around the world. Data is an important resource, that’s why we’re looking at Spectranet data plans and prices in this guide.

A world without access to data would imply a mass disability to access the internet. And in today’s world, if that were to happen, the world would literally be a wreck in little or no time. Just a short shutdown of major social media platforms some months earlier put the entire planet on a serious frenzy talkless of totally blocking it out!

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Everybody virtually uses data. Below are some applications of the internet and data in today’s world.

1. The educational sector: the internet and the use of data have been very pivotal in the passing of education from teachers to students. Teachers can now teach from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are and still communicate knowledge to their students at any time and still maintain their effectiveness. We have many platforms now that promote e-schooling and even offer legitimate accreditation as physical schools can offer. In a world where pandemics constantly worry about natural processes, the internet’s offer of teleconferencing and video/voice callings have come in quite handy.

2. The business sector: the internet and the use of data have made business and transactions much easier and more convenient. Now small-medium enterprises can now start up and scale at a much quicker level by leveraging the internet. The internet also helps to provide more visibility for startups and already established businesses alike. This enables companies to gather more customers and make more profits. Business owners can now hold meetings from anywhere in the world via teleconferencing apps on the go. The access and reach that the internet offers are virtually limitless.

Spectranet is one of the most prominent data service providers in the country at the moment. With a massive clientele base in its thousands, it has been able to scale in no small measure due to the fact that the company has proven to customers that it can provide quality and jaw-dropping data offers at very affordable prices as opposed to other data service providers.

If you’re in search of a reliable company that provides data services, Spectranet is one to definitely try out. They offer data plans installed in their dedicated modems which are very affordable and portable.

Below are some of the many data plans that Spectranet offers its customers.

Spectranet Data Plans

Here are all the Spectnet data plans you can purchase in Nigeria:

1. Spectranet Kulele Data Plan

  1. 12GB kulele data plan N3,999/month
  2. 24GB kulele data plan N5,999/month
  3. 32GB kulele data plan N7,999/month
  4. 45GB kulele data plan N10,999/month
  5. 60GB kulele data plan N12,999/month
  6. 80GB kulele data plan N15,999/month

2. Spectranet Kulele+ Data Plan

  1. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 32GB for ₦8,999/Month
  2. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 50GB for ₦11,999/Month
  3. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 60GB for ₦13,999/Month
  4. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 80GB for ₦16,999/Month
  5. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 125GB for ₦18,999/Month
  6. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 150GB for ₦21,999/Month
  7. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 175GB for ₦24,999/Month
  8. AlwaysON Kulele+ data plan – 200GB for ₦27,999/Month

3. Spectranet doMORE Plans

  • doMORE Value Plan – 8GB for ₦3,250/Month
  • doMORE Value Plan – 10GB for ₦3,750/Month
  • doMORE Value Plan – 15GB for ₦5,300/Month
  • doMORE Value Plan – 18GB for ₦6,500/Month

4. Spectranet Always On Plans

  • Always On data plan – 100GB for ₦21,500/Month
  • Always On data plan – 125GB for ₦28,999/Month
  • Always On data plan – 200GB for ₦40,500/Month
  • Always On data plan – 300GB for ₦60,500/Month

5. Spectranet Smart Choice Plans

  1. Smart choice data plan – 21GB for ₦8,700/90 Days
  2. Smart choice data plan – 27GB for ₦10,200/90 Days
  3. Smart choice data plan – 39GB for ₦14,500/90 Days
  4. Smart choice data plan – 48GB for ₦17,400/90 Days
  5. Smart choice data plan – 54GB for ₦20,400/90 Days

6. Spectranet Smart Value Plans

  1. Smart value data plan – 42GB for ₦16,500/180 Days
  2. Smart value data plan – 54GB for ₦19,300/180 Days
  3. Smart value data plan – 78GB for ₦27,600/180 Days
  4. Smart value data plan – 96GB for ₦33,100/180 Days
  5. Smart value data plan – 108GB for ₦38,600/180 Days

7. Spectranet Bumpa Value Plans

  • Bumpa value data plan – 84GB for ₦31,300/360 Days
  • Bumpa value data plan – 108GB for ₦36,500/360 Days
  • Bumpa value data plan – 156GB for ₦52,100/360 Days
  • Bumpa value data plan – 192GB for ₦62,600/360 Days
  • Bumpa value data plan – 216GB for ₦73,000/360 Days

8. Spectranet Data Boosters-Top Ups

  1. Booster data plan – 1GB for ₦500
  2. Booster data plan – 2GB for ₦100
  3. Booster data plan – 5GB for ₦2,500
  4. Booster data plan – 10GB for ₦4000

8. Spectranet Mini Plans

  1. Mini data plan – 6GB for ₦1,500/7 days
  2. Mini data plan – 12GB for ₦3000/14 days
  3. Mini data plan – 20GB for ₦4,500/10 days

Spectranet also has special offers that accompany the purchases of their unique data plans. These offers are quite mouthwatering and incredible to be free. Below are some of the special accompanying offers that Spectranet offers to its customers upon buying or getting their data plans.

  1. Free unlimited night browsing bundle which usually lasts between 1 am – 8 am
  2. Free unlimited morning browsing which usually lasts between 4 am – 8 am
  3. All bite plans usually have 24hrs on special days or holidays
  4. It’s important to note that bonus data cannot be rolled over.

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