All Essential Baby Things to Buy Before Birth in Nigeria for 2023

As we all know, newborn babies are always a bundle of joy to our families, as these cute little beings bring so much life to families with their beauty and innocence. This is why it’s important to think about baby things to buy before birth in Nigeria.

Babies when they are born are usually have very delicate bodies and are vulnerable or exposed to germs and other possible infections if proper and due care is not given to them at every single point in time.

That is why nursing mothers must adequately prepare a whole lot before their little charming arrives in the world.

Are you a nursing mom? Expectant Mother? Probably expecting twins or triplets! Well, you have your work cut out for you right now as you cannot afford to not be fully prepped for the coming of those beauties.

In light of this, I have painstakingly taken out time to highlight and list out certain very vital things that you and your baby would need as you go through the nursing stage and your baby grows.

The checklist below is a detailed list of every single thing you should need for your baby. Hopefully, once you’re done you could rush over to the supermarket and get those things you must have forgotten. Let’s go.

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List of Baby Things to Buy Before Birth in Nigeria

There are several categories of things you need to get considered before birth for you and your baby. Categories listed today are;

  • Diapering
  • Baby feeding
  • Baby clothing
  • Extras

1. Diapering

This is one of the most important categories of baby things to buy before birth in Nigeria. Baby hygiene is very key, especially during the early stages of his or her birth and so diapering is not a stage or category to be taken lightly.

Below are some things you should definitely get for diapering:

  1. Several dozens of cloth or reusable diapers
  2. Waterproof covers incase of leakages
  3. Changing pads
  4. Baby ointments
  5. Lots of snaps, velcro etc
  6. Washing clothes and so much more.

2. Feeding

Food is arguably life, no human can grow or survive without food. This is exactly why feeding is a must for baby things to buy before birth in Nigeria. No baby is exempted from feeding, to ensure proper growth and performance of your baby during his or her early stages it’s key that you consider what and how your baby eats.

Quick notes, ensure that your baby stays properly hydrated with water and is not deprived of breast milk as water is very important for good health as it is for every human being of whichever age range. Breast milk on the other hand helps with good brain development from their early stages. You have to ensure that your baby isn’t just ok physically but mentally too.

Research shows that lots of babies who were fed with adequate breathing milk for over 9months to 14 months grow up to be very intelligent and mentally healthy

Below are some things you need to get to ensure your baby isn’t starved of food whether you’re a busy nursing mom or housewife, this is for you. Check the list below;

  1. Lots of bibs
  2. Bump cloths (lots of them)
  3. Breast pump
  4. Milk storage preferably air tight containers also ensure they are kept away from sunlight
  5. Nursing pillows
  6. Breathe pads
  7. Nursing bras
  8. Nipple brush
  9. Lotion for sure nipples
  10. Thermal bottle carrier
  11. Baby plates, cups and spoons


Covering your baby is so important too, proper clothing to shield your baby from the cold or loose clothing during hotter seasons should be included in your list of baby things to buy before birth in Nigeria.

Here are a few recommendations for you to follow through with

  1. Underpants
  2. Onesies
  3. Night gowns
  4. Stretch sleepers
  5. Pants
  6. New born hats
  7. Pairs of new thick socks
  8. Booties
  9. Scratch mittens
  10. Cardigans
  11. Jackets and much more.

4. EXTRAS Baby Things for Sleeps & Naps

Here are some recommendations just for you and your baby

  1. Crib
  2. Crib mattress
  3. Waterproof mattress covers in case of possible leakages
  4. Fitted crib sheets
  5. Light blankets for warmer periods or seasons
  6. Sleep sack
  7. Light comforter
  8. Pillows and many more
  9. Infant safety seat for cars
  10. Strollers
  11. Nail clippers or scissors
  12. Syringe for musocus suction

There you have it! A detailed list just for you to follow through with starting now. You cannot afford to stay laid back on these guys. It’s your baby we are talking about here.

If you like any of these things outlined or listed out here, then get them as quickly as possible, they should be available at supermarkets or better still could all be ordered online on places like Jumia & Konga

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