Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos (5 Cheap Markets)

Business, the art of buying and selling is one of the major pillars of a country’s economy. Humans cannot do without buying certain necessities, so they need to sell cannot be overlooked in order for people to get what they want. Humans have certain general necessities and one of them is clothing. That’s why we’ve made this guide on where to buy wholesale clothes in Lagos at cheap rates so you can resale them.

No sane person goes out naked! Clothing is just as important as food these days, everyone wants to look great, wear the latest wear, attend occasions in grand style, and put up great photos on Instagram, Facebook and all across social media. Clothing is a big topic on almost every Nigerian table. Hence, the clothing business is one of the most lucrative niches in the country at the moment.

Lagos is arguably the most populous state in Nigeria, it’s indeed a city full of bustle and hustle, people moving all around, attending to commitments and going about making a living, hanging out with friends and family, attending occasions all around. Proper clothing Is a major highlight to be considered in order to make all these possible. Hence, lots and lots of people spend lots of money on clothing in Lagos, fortunately, these clothes traders can be seen virtually everywhere selling one wear or the other.

It’s common to say that in the multitude of good is always bad, people get scammed every day while online shopping for clothes or when they shop in person, it’s either they bought stuff that was substandard or got a price of clothing at a ridiculous price as traders seek to extort as much as possible these days from vulnerable buyers.

If you’re in search of trustworthy marketplaces in Lagos where you can get good and quality clothing at amazing prices and still choose from endless purchase options. The following locations or markers that are listed below are long old and trusted commercial centres where people and readers have been known to get great clothing of all sorts at incredible prices.

Here’s a list of popular marketplaces in Lagos where you can get great clothing.

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Where to Buy Wholesale Clothes in Lagos in 2022

  • Oshodi Market
  • Tejuosho Market
  • Balogun Market
  • Aswani Market
  • Katangua


Oshodi market is another place where you can buy wholesale clothes in Lagos. is one of the many prestigious marketplaces in Lagos with thousands of buyers topping in on a daily basis to get one or two things. In Oshodi you can get almost any type of clothing ranging from casual wear to Jean’s to corporate attires and even traditional at very affordable prices unlike some boutiques in Lagos that offer the same clothing at overly hiked prices. If you’re looking for a great marketplace to buy anything clothing wholesale to resell in smaller quantities, Oshodi is a great place to go to as traders there offer a great variety of options to choose from.

Oshodi market is open every day for buying and selling as opposed to other marketplaces that open on certain days.


Tejuosho market is also a great marketplace to get all things wearable from adult clothing to baby clothing, ready-made dresses and attires. Traders here are popularly known to sell corporate attires and casual clothing and they sell these wears at incredibly low prices that make buying and reselling so much more affordable.

Tejuosho market is one of Lagos’ finest marketplaces as lots and lots of buying and selling happen there on a daily basis. People go there to buy wholesale and retail. It’s an open market for all types of buying and selling.

If you’re looking to get great corporate wear for office work or more official outings, this is a great marketplace to also check out.


Balogun market is one of the biggest and most popular market places to buy wholesale clothes in Lagos. The reason for its size and popularity is not far fetched from the fact that they have and still offer great clothing for very affordable pricing.

In Balogun market, you can get to buy wholesale varieties of clothing from African fabrics like Aso-oke etc which are usually sold at expensive prices in other boutiques and mini shops for much lower prices.

If you’re looking to get great traditional clothing for your weddings, ceremonies etc you should consider checking out Balogun market.


The aswani market is popularly known to be the marketplace for people on a budget. The prices of clothing here is almost unreal as you can get a decent shirt for as low as #100.

Aswani market is located at Isolo in Lagos state and is known to buyers for offering a variety of clothing at decent prices. You can get your favourite bags, shoes, shirts, jackets and pyjamas in aswani for almost 80% lower than what you get in urban stores.

Aswani is popularly known to be very active on specific days as on those days buyers claim to get the best purchasing rates and deals as opposed to other days. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the hottest days or best days to shop at Aswani market.

Are you on a serious budget but still want to get great clothing, check out Aswani.


Katangua market just like aswani is known to offer decent clothing for very low prices. Its popularly known as the ” bend down select” market. Majority of clothing sold here are very decent fairly used clothing. Some almost impossible to tell that have been used. Just like aswani you can get a decent price of clothing for as low as #100. Katangua is mostly active on mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

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