Samsung S10 Price in Nigeria: How Much is Samsung S10 price in Nigeria (Konga, Jumia & Slot)

Samsung S10 was released in February 2019 to mark ten years of one of the most popular smartphone series and maybe the one most eagerly anticipated every year.

The line includes the first foldable smartphone from the Korean titans, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy Fold. 

For those who want a larger screen, Samsung will also release the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in the upcoming months. It boasts a massive 6.7-inch display.

As was to be expected, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its companion models offer a stunning appearance and cutting-edge features like an in-display fingerprint sensor and an exciting new display known as the “Infinity O.”

The smartphones come with internal storage options of 128GB and 512GB. Thus, the price ranges of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and other new models shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The costs of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10e, and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are covered on this page.

However, before we began a thorough comparison analysis, we would first be examining the gadget’s features.

Now let’s go forward.

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Samsung s10 price in Nigeria

The 128GB model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 costs between N230,000 and N270,000.

We wouldn’t contest the Samsung Galaxy S10’s high pricing for what it is. We really hope that the extra cost that distinguishes it from similar products on the market is beneficial.

Samsung s10 price on Jumia, Nigeria

The Samsung price in Nigeria on Jumia starts at NGN198,000 Naira to NGN270,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

Samsung s10 price on Konga, Nigeria

The Samsung price in Nigeria on Konga starts at NGN195,000 Naira to NGN200,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

Samsung s10 price in Slot, Nigeria

The Samsung price in Nigeria in Slot starts at NGN280,000 Naira to NGN290,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

Study of Samsung Galaxy S10

Why you should quit using other smartphones and switch to the Samsung Galaxy S10 is demonstrated by it.

Any admirer of Samsung would be enticed by its features to upgrade right away.

The device’s 6.1-inch Infinity Display, which covers most of the front surface and leaves a little bezel in its wake, is one of its selling points.

It’s also important to take note of the new Infinity-O screen feature, which crams the selfie camera into a small punch-hole at the top of the screen.

This concept was initially put out by the Honor View 20, but it has just lately become popular thanks to Samsung.

Small sensors are hidden behind the Super AMOLED display, which is brilliant and colourful.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint reader is another noteworthy feature.

The smartphone won’t have any apparent fingerprints on the front or back due to its adoption.

It’s not there, either! The device has a triple-lens rear-facing camera on the back. Later, I’ll go into more detail.

Some fascinating features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 include Wireless Powershare, which enables you to wirelessly charge another phone using the device’s back (a process known as “Qi-charging”).

Additionally, the tablet supports the more recent and swifter WiFi 6 and HDR10+ standards.


Samsung cell phones are well-known for being excellent and of the highest calibre.

The Korean giants have retained their superb reputation with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

A beautiful 6.1-inch Super AMOLED with curved edges and pixels that extend over the sides of the smartphone serves as the device’s display.

Thanks to HDR10+ compatibility, the brightness has been increased for better outdoor visibility, and there is more contrast and colour.

The display stands out thanks to its ground-breaking Infinity-O display screen design.

Samsung chose to place the selfie camera in a laser-cut hole in the top-right corner of the screen rather than employing the notch-style design that we’ve seen on Apple and Huawei smartphones.

The iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max don’t have as much screen space as this invention does.

The larger display may create the appearance that the device has a much larger overall footprint than it actually does, however, that is untrue. Its dimensions are 149.9 x 70.4, x 7.8, and its weight is merely 157g.

It is substantially lighter and slimmer than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S9, despite being somewhat wider and larger.

The screen-to-body ratio of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is 93.1% as opposed to the 83.6% of its predecessor.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s display is surrounded by tiny bezels at the top and bottom, with the bottom bezel being somewhat larger and exhibiting a thin but noticeable “chin.”


The Samsung Galaxy S10’s stunning glass body is encased in a slender metal frame.

A variety of hues, including Canary Yellow, Flaming Pink, Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, and Prism Blue, can be chosen for the device’s back.

There would be region-specific colour palettes. For example, yellow and green won’t be offered in the US.

A tiny camera bump on the device’s back, which is difficult to miss, hides the triple-lens camera.

Despite the fact that Samsung’s reverse wireless charging technology is undoubtedly located underneath the camera array, we couldn’t uncover any evidence of it. As a result, it depends on your “eye of trust.”

Fast settings notifications shade makes it simple to enable Wireless Powershare.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s bottom back has a charging port that may be used to power a friend’s phone or a pair of Samsung wireless headphones.

However, keep in mind that if the S10’s battery is lower than 30%, this feature won’t function. Very comprehensible

The Samsung Galaxy S10 also features a covert on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that makes precise 3D fingerprint scans using Qualcomm-backed technology.

The scanner is once again located on the front of the gadget, however this time it is in the lower third.

The headphone jack and USB-C port are located on the device’s bottom edge.


With its smartphones, Samsung seems to be aiming to displace digital cameras. A triple-lens camera on the Samsung Galaxy S10 consists of a 12MP primary lens, a 12MP optical zoom lens, and a 16MP ultra-wide lens.

The camera produces vivid, crisp photos that are just what one would expect. After the shot has been taken, the background may still be hazy. A 10MP selfie camera with two autofocuses is located on the front.

The camera still has a ton of great functions, such as Scene Optimizer, which now has two new categories.

Thanks to developments in AI, the camera can now alter the white balance and other settings, tell a cat from a dog, and more.

The Shot Suggestions function, which automatically levels your photographs, is another recent addition.

Particularly striking are the camera’s enhanced video capabilities, which now allow HDR10+ shooting and Digital Video Stabilization.

The Samsung Galaxy S10, according to Samsung, provides every feature an action camera has to offer.


The Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855 may be used as the Samsung Galaxy S10’s internal processor in different combinations (depending on the country).

When benchmarked, the iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10 performed about equally (11,002 vs. 11,481 for the iPhone XS). Despite this, the S10 still moves at a record-breaking rate.

This costly gadget has 8GB of RAM, which appears to be the current industry norm.

That is a 100% boost over the Samsung Galaxy S9’s 4GB of RAM. Either 128GB or 512GB of internal memory is available.

A 256GB or 64GB variant is not available. For individuals who want their smartphone to contain all of their data, there is also microSD support.

The smartphone has wireless charging in addition to 1P68 water resistance, which was already known.

The absence of vapour chamber cooling technology from the Samsung Galaxy S10 prevents it from being the best gaming smartphone.

Even while it is still capable of handling the most difficult games, the cooling may soon become a problem.

Instead, think about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus if you want the cooling feature.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s WiFi 6 technology enables smooth wireless switching between Wi-Fi networks.

The fact that it is four times faster than 802.11ax is more significant. Although a new router is required to fully utilize this function, you can anticipate a speed improvement of roughly 20%.

One application and UI

Every Samsung Galaxy S10 that will be offered in 2019 as a co-release comes with One UI and Android 9 Pie pre-installed.

This is TouchWiz and Experience Launcher’s replacement from Samsung. Despite the redesigned user interface, Samsung is still very much a part of the overall appearance and feel.

Samsung appears to be working on making their devices as accessible with one hand as is practical with the UI of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The UI has an iOS-like feel to it thanks to AI components that help the device learn about your usage habits and become quicker and easier to use.


A 3,400mAh battery powers the Samsung Galaxy S10, 400mAh greater than the S9’s 3,000mAh battery.

Given the larger display, improvement is anticipated. With moderate to heavy use, the battery may last all day, according to Samsung.

The charging speed does not appear to have much improved over that of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Given that many smartphones today feature USB-C PD or higher power chargers, this is a weakness for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Producers have added the Wireless Powershare feature, which we previously covered in this post, to make up for this.

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