Samsung A72 price in Nigeria: How Much is Samsung A72 in Nigeria (Konga, Jumia & Slot)

The Samsung Galaxy A72 is the newest competitor in the mid-priced smartphone market, offering several high-end features that other smartphone manufacturers sometimes omit.

Starting at N140,400, Samsung’s Galaxy A72 offers features including an IP certification, a brilliant display, a luxury design, and a telephoto lens. Here are some factors that make it a formidable competitor in my eyes in a market that is already crowded.

Price of Samsung S72 in Nigeria 

The Samsung S72 in Nigeria starts at NGN280,000 Naira to NGN300,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from. 

Price of Samsung S72 on Jumia, Nigeria 

The Samsung S72 in Nigeria on Jumia starts at NGN395,000 Naira to NGN400,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from. 

Price of Samsung s72 in Konga, Nigeria 

The Samsung S72 in Nigeria on Konga starts at NGN309,000 Naira to NGN300,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from. 

Price of Samsung s72 in Slot, Nigeria 

The Samsung S72 in Nigeria on Konga starts at NGN240,000 Naira to NGN330,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

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Display and Design

The Galaxy A72’s fresh new look, which is remarkably similar to other Galaxy A models that were released this year, is its most notable feature. The smartphone, in my opinion, has a sophisticated and stylish design with a pastel colour covering.

Unlike other flashy designs, it has a very simple design that endures. Although the smartphone’s body is made of polycarbonate, the frame feels upscale in the hand. To be honest, I would have liked a glass-back design; but, you do get a lighter phone in exchange.

In general, the Galaxy A72’s design feels more upscale than that of comparable devices.

The camera module maintains a unified appearance with very no branding and seamlessly merges with the rest of the body. The Galaxy A72 is a smart-looking smartphone that will suit your needs.

Additionally, it would be wise to point out that the smartphone has an IP 67 classification for water and dust protection, which is quite uncommon in this price range.

With an IP67 rating, the Galaxy A72 has been proven to function for at least 30 minutes while submerged in water between 15 cm and 1 m.

The Galaxy A72’s display is a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with a fullHD+ resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. Additionally, HDR content is supported by the display, which is becoming standard for products in this price range.

Samsung, in my view, produces some of the greatest screens for its smartphones, and the Galaxy A72 is no exception.

When compared to screens of smartphones that cost around the same, this phone’s display is far more colourful and crisp.

The menus and apps may be navigated more smoothly with the 90Hz refresh rate. Overall, the A72’s display is far better than those of devices that frequently employ lower-quality panels to save money; this is not the case in this instance.


The Snapdragon 720G SoC from Qualcomm, which powers the Galaxy A72, is not as potent as the most recent SoCs seen in Samsung’s rivals’ products.

However, in my experience, the smartphone handled the majority of simple functions like emailing, social networking, internet surfing, and photo-taking effectively.

The 90Hz refresh rate with OneUI 3.1’s animations made it easy to scroll through news websites, app lists, and social networking.

OneUI has recently grown in popularity and, in my opinion, is presently on par with other top Android skins like OxygenOS. It is one of my favourite Android skins.

With the exception of experiencing mild slowdown when multitasking, I was amazed by how well the OS was optimized for the Galaxy A72.

In our test, the Galaxy A72 achieved good scores of 3,36,278 points on AnTuTu and 551 (single-core) and 1745 (multi-core) on Geekbench 5.

Games like BGMI and Genshin Impact ran smoothly on the Galaxy A72 when I ran them at high settings with little frame rate dips.

Finally, the Galaxy A72 has a sizable 5,000 mAh battery that, with moderate use, may last up to a whole day.

On a smartphone, continuous movie or gameplay will result in a battery backup of around 16 hours.

A 25W charger that can quickly charge the battery from empty to 50% in 32 minutes is also included with the smartphone.

Additionally, the smartphone supports PPS PD charging, so you can use any compatible third-party charger.


A 64-megapixel primary sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, an 8-megapixel telephoto sensor, and a 5-megapixel macro sensor are all included in the Galaxy A72.

One of the most adaptable camera configurations you can get on a smartphone without paying a premium is that one.

The main sensor can capture some amazing photos in favourable lighting with amazing details, natural colours, and dynamic range. The ultra-wide sensor is also a pleasure to use since it can record enough information to be shared on social media.

In my opinion, the A72’s second telephoto lens is a better addition to the camera system than the macro lens. It can zoom in up to three times and still capture good shots.

However, as you zoom in more than the original zoom level, you will notice the image losing detail and having a crisper view.

The Galaxy A72 captures stunning photographs in low light while using Night Feature, but I didn’t really notice any significant differences when turning the mode off. Having said that, people should be content snapping pictures in Night mode.

The camera app also has other modes, such as Single-Take, where it uses numerous images from the primary sensor to produce various forms of footage.

The Galaxy A72 can record videos at a maximum resolution of 4K/30 frames per second, which is not in line with the competition in my opinion. Additionally, the main sensor lacks optical stabilization, which seems out of place and unnatural.

The Last Word

For consumers searching for a handset with excellent features at a reasonable price, Samsung makes an amazing offering with the Galaxy A72.

The Galaxy A72 is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration if you’ve been looking for a gadget that has a stylish and attractive appearance and provides a wonderful experience.

The Galaxy A72 is now difficult to overlook because it has dual speakers, a gorgeous display, IP67 certification, and excellent cameras.

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