Samsung A52 Price in Nigeria How Much is Samsung A52 price in Nigeria (Konga, Jumia & Slot)

The 6.5-inch touchscreen display on the Samsung Galaxy A52 has a resolution of 10802400 pixels. An octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor powers the phone.

A 4500mAh battery powers the Android 11 operating system of the Samsung Galaxy A52. The Samsung A52 may use its own kind of quick charging.

The Samsung A52 sports a single front camera arrangement and several back cameras with a resolution of 64 megapixels, 8 me//prgapixels, 5 megapixels, and 2 megapixels (32 megapixels).

The Samsung A52 supports microSD card storage expansion and is based on Android 11. It is rumoured to debut in the colours black, blue, lavender, and white.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 is claimed to have Wi-Fi, GPS, and USB Type-C as connectivity options.

Accelerometer, ambient light, proximity, and fingerprint sensors are said to be among the phone’s sensors.

On March 26, 2021, the Samsung Galaxy A52 4G will be available for purchase.

The smartphone offers internal storage choices of 128 GB and 256 GB and RAM capacities of 4 GB, 6 GB, and 8 GB.

The device’s operating system is Android 11.1, One UI 3.1. It has USB Type-C 2.0, USB On-The-Go, GPS with A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BDS.

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Samsung A52 Price in Nigeria

The Samsung price in Nigeria on Nigeria starts at NGN140,000 Naira to NGN210,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

Samsung A52 Price on Jumia, Nigeria

The Samsung price in Nigeria on Jumia starts at NGN250,000 Naira to NGN370,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

Samsung A52 Price in Konga, Nigeria

The Samsung price in Nigeria on Konga starts at NGN214,000 Naira to NGN250,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

Samsung A52 Price in Slot, Nigeria

The Samsung price in Nigeria in Slot starts at NGN230,000 Naira to NGN250,000 Naira depending on the model and the vendor you’re buying from.

Design, Construction, and Handling

The Galaxy A series has a history of distinctive design, but this iteration may be the greatest yet.

Although the HRR AMOLEDs and waterproofing are nice, the majority of users will be attracted to the phone’s stunning appearance.

This Galaxy A52 5G in Awesome Violet looks stunning, much like the Galaxy A32, A52, and A72.

Although the Galaxy A52 5G is a mid-range smartphone, its body features a number of high-end components.

The Gorilla Glass 5 front sheet is definitely welcomed, and the glossy plastic frame and amazing matte layer on the plastic rear are both quite attractive.

We tend to agree with Samsung when it refers to the colour selections as Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Violet, and Awesome Blue.

Samsung has an advantage over more aggressively priced Chinese competitors since it is one of the only manufacturers to provide certified IP ratings for its midrange series and the Galaxy A52 5G.

The phone has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, and it can last up to 30 minutes in a meter of water.

To put things into perspective, the majority of Xiaomi’s smartphones have basic IP53 splash protection, whereas none of the devices from other manufacturers do.

Now let’s go close-up. The 6.5″ Super AMOLED screen is located at the front. With a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10+ compatibility, and a broad colour gamut, it is of the highest calibre.

For this class, the panel’s bezels are admirably narrow.

We can’t complain either because the punch-hole is as small as they come these days.

The earpiece, which serves as the second speaker in the audio system, is concealed by this very tiny grille above the screen.

The phone’s main speaker is located at the bottom, and we were happy to discover that both are equally powerful (bass included) and well-balanced.

The fingerprint scanner located under the display is another piece of technology to be praised.

It is of the optical variety, operates quickly, and is trustworthy. Only a few misreads occurred over the week we used the Galaxy A52 5G, which is excellent.

A flat layer of Gorilla Glass 5 shields the AMOLED display. The glass is renowned for having excellent shatter resistance, although its scratch resistance isn’t as good.

Since this is a flat display, adding a glass screen protector on top is simple if you want additional security.

Keep in mind that for improved accuracy, you will also need to re-register your fingerprints if you use a glass shield.

Flipping the phone again reveals the lovely Awesome Violet back.

The edge has a 2.5D finish and is flat as well. Even the island for the camera is matte.

As we continue, we see that the quad-camera protrudes somewhat from the back, not abruptly, more like a little hill.

On a desk or table, it causes the phone to tremble a little bit, but not nearly as much as, for example, a Galaxy S21 Ultra.

There are five holes on the island; the 12MP ultrawide shooter, 64MP main camera, and 5MP depth sensor are located in the first column.

The single LED flash and the 5MP macro camera are listed after that.

The Galaxy A52 5G includes optical image stabilization on its primary shooter, much like the Galaxy A52.

The rear surface has excellent smudge and fingerprint resistance. This most likely sticks, but you can’t see them.

However, it is not as sticky as it appears to be.

Despite being completely glossy, the plastic frame actually has more traction than the back.

We assume that’s because of the thicker plastic and different paint.

The hybrid SIM slot and one of the microphones can be seen on the top of the A52 5G.

On the left side, nothing is present. On the right, you’ll find the volume knob and the power/lock key.

The second speaker grille, USB-C connector, mouthpiece, and 3.5mm jack are all located at the bottom.

Nowadays, it’s unusual to find an audio jack, much less one on a waterproof smartphone.

The Galaxy A52 5G is identical in size and weight to the LTE A52 variant, measuring 159.9 x 75.1 x 8.4 mm and weighing 189 g.

Given that many smartphones in this price range have displays that are 6.67 inches or bigger, it is one of the most sensibly sized smartphones available.

It’s tempting to suggest using a protective cover for the Galaxy A52 5G because it feels so good in the hand, is gripping, and is sufficiently secure.

The clumsier sorts, though, might choose to carry on as normal.

The only issue we have with the build is that, despite the back’s attractive appearance, it has a hollow feeling.

When we bang on it, it does seem a little unsupported, which is probably due to the material.

Although we can’t know for sure how durable the back is until we break it, we do hope that it is more durable than this rather unscientific test shows.

Given Samsung’s level of skill in this field, there is probably little need for concern.


The 6.5-inch AMOLED display appears to be of comparable quality to that found on the Galaxy F62 or the Galaxy M51.

Additional 90Hz high refresh rate support is available, though.

This improves the smoothness of OneUI transitions and animations.

For the majority of apps, the refresh rate is fixed at 90Hz, thus it isn’t the intelligent variable mode switching refresh rate that Samsung offers with its high-end smartphones.

We have to manually change to “Standard” motion smoothness or 60Hz for improved performance while playing games.

There are two colour profiles that aim for the sRGB and DCI-P3 colour spaces; as usual, we choose the Natural (sRGB) option because it is more aesthetically pleasing and accurate.

DRM L1 certification for the phone enables Full HD streaming on Netflix, Prime Videos, and other pertinent apps. Only YouTube supported HDR streaming.

One benefit of Samsung phones is that anytime an HDR signal is received, the display locks brightness and pushes it to maximum, providing the finest HDR experience.

Samsung boasts that its display has a maximum brightness of 800 Nits, and it was well-viewable in strong sunshine.

Software and Performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G octa-core CPU that powers the Galaxy A52 in India feels a touch dated, especially given the device’s pricing.

OneUI 3.1 may be driven by this strong chipset without experiencing any lag.

The Galaxy A52 won’t blow you away when it comes to gaming or other hard tasks.

Call of Duty mobile was set to High-High by default with the display set to 90Hz, however, the performance wasn’t very smooth beyond medium graphics and low frame rate.

The performance significantly increased when the display was adjusted to 60Hz (Standard smoothness), and the game was playable at its default High-High settings.

For those interested in gaming, the Samsung Galaxy M51 and Galaxy F62 should be superior options.

The Galaxy A52’s Snapdragon 720G should be adequate for everyone else.

The benchmark performance of the 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, and Snapdragon 720G-powered Realme 8 Pro that we previously examined was somewhat worse than that of our review model.

Scores for the Samsung Galaxy A52 Benchmark

  • 8282 PC Mark Work 2.0
  • Writing by PC Mark 2.0 – 7306
  • Geekbench multi-core – 1602 3D Geekbench single core – 524 Wild Life by Mark in 3D OpenGL ES 3.1 Mark Sling Shot Extreme (2581)
  • Random Read on Androbench: 126.21 MB/s
  • 110.9 MB/s Androbench Random Write

The connectivity is quite reliable. During the time of our testing, the call quality was outstanding, and options like Dual 4G VoLTE and VoWiFi are available.

In terms of the software, OneUI 3.1 is, as usual, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Samsung is one of the very few companies that still offers auto call recording capabilities, and customers can also anticipate features like Samsung Pay (NFC) and Knox security.

The (-1) main screen is Google Feed, third-party apps may be deleted, and Samsung guarantees three years of Android version updates!

Audio and Battery

With the display set to 90Hz, the 4500mAh battery can comfortably last one day.

It’s possible that on days when you use your device a lot, you’ll exhaust the battery by late evening or have to use midday charging.

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t provide a 25W USB PD converter in the packaging, even though you can enjoy rapid charging speed with one.

The 15W adaptive fast charger only operates at a moderate speed.

A 25W USB PD charger that we had nearby took around one and a half hours to fully charge.

The charging time for the included 15W charger was a little under 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Even if the two channels on this one’s stereo speakers aren’t perfectly balanced, it matters while viewing multimedia material.

Additionally, Dolby Atmos is available with several settings that just slightly alter the sound.

We had no problems when wirelessly streaming audio.

Camera Calibre

With OIS capability, the main 64MP resolution sensor has seen a noticeable increase in low-light shooting.

The quartet’s other components are nonetheless reminiscent of Samsung mid-range phones like the Galaxy F62.

There are three cameras: a 5MP portrait camera, a 12MP wide-angle camera, and a 5MP macro camera.

There is a 32MP selfie camera on the front as well.

The camera works really well in natural daylight. Details are good, the texture is accurately preserved, and the colours are pleasingly vivid.

It’s best to keep the scene optimizer and HDR enabled.

We found that details were better on 108MP camera phones when compared side by side, but that was to be anticipated.

The Galaxy A72 is the only device with a dedicated telephoto camera, yet 2X digital zoom photos are still highly useful.

The 12MP wide-angle camera on mid-range phones works better than the majority of other wide-angle cameras we’ve seen.

Of course, Samsung doesn’t go over and above to keep the main camera consistent.

The Galaxy A52 gains from OIS and Samsung’s excellent picture processing algorithms in low light.

Even in the dark, there is still a lot of noise, yet somehow this adds to the naturalness of the situation.

The Night mode performs admirably, although it struggles in difficult conditions.

Night Mode

The performance of the macro camera was superior to that of the rivals. For the portrait mode, the same is not true.

This is not to argue that portrait photographs are subpar; rather, superior edge recognition has been observed on devices like the Redmi Note 10 and Realme 8 Pro.

Selfies taken with the front camera look good without being too enhanced.

Additionally, there is a fun mode where you may experiment with a few Snapchat filters, and it gently nudges you to download the Snapchat app so you can try more.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 offers tremendous value for the starting price of INR 26,490 in both online and offline marketplaces because of its stunning design, HRR AMOLED display, superb software, and guarantee of three years of software updates.

At this pricing point, you can find better processors than the Snapdragon 720G.

Having said that, if the display is set to 60Hz, the performance should be adequate for basic and moderate users as well as for gaming.

The camera’s performance is on par with the top affordable choices.

Overall, we’d say that the Galaxy A52 is a phone that stands out from the competition and is worth the asking price.

There is a distinctive value that needs to appeal to various user demographics.

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